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  • Find Out Exactly How To Press The Reset Button & Transform Your Body From Stressed & Fat To Thriving & Fit With Dr. C's Favorite Recipes
  • Discover Dr. Christianson's 67 Scientifically Based Recipes For Rapid Results
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  • With This Cookbook You'll Learn The Secrets Of Strategically Cycling Carbs To Balance Your Adrenals To Get You The Health You Deserve

67 Delicious and Tested Recipes So You Can Melt Away Unexplained Weight Gain and Get the Health You Deserve

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"Dr. Alan Christianson finally proves that weight gain is not your fault.  The key to getting lean is to reset your inner clock, not to struggle and starve.  His diet gives you the definitive formula to lose weight and thrive."

Sara Gottfried, MD
Sara Gottfried, MD Bestselling Author of, 'The Hormone Cure'

"The Adrenal Reset Diet gives us a badly needed brand new perspective on why people gain weight.  These ideas are timely and will help thousands understand how to safely use carbs and manage their lives to heal their adrenals.  “

Kevin Gianni
Kevin Gianni Health Author, Activist and Blogger